There’s nothing better than spending fall evenings with a cup of your favorite coffee and getting lost in a blanket. However, a lot of people worldwide associate their home with not only a living place but a working zone, too.

The daytime is getting shorter and the weather requires warmer clothes. All of that could make us feel distracted and crushed while dealing with the daily routine. The same goes for working issues, every following assignment seems more intimidating than the previous one. The to-do list appears to be endless while we are becoming powerless.

If it sounds relatable, it’s high time to spruce up your home office decor for fall to boost your energy. Here’s a bunch of go-to tips that may yield benefits for people working from home.

1. Work hard, sit well

couple working from home

An office chair is the paramount aspect of your home office. The way you’re sitting immensely affects your back, neck and general well-being. Not every chair is ergonomically-friendly, which is crucial when it comes to a constant sitting position while working.

A common four-legged chair is a budget-friendly option. It’s more comfortable than it seems at first glance. There’s no temptation to spin and wobble up. Just set the chair and get to work. The most important thing is to find the proper height.

Alternatively, if you’re into office chairs with spinning casters, look for fabric upholstery. Unlike leather lining, the textile is quite breathable, so it would be comfy enough to sit on for a long time. Make sure to try the chair on before purchasing, check how your back is feeling (add lumbar support if needed) and whether the armrests are in place. Besides, modern office recliners come with a footrest, which is a great perk.

2. Consider investing in a standing desk

standing desk home office fall decor

It goes without saying that prolonged sitting may be dangerous and painful for your health. Thus, an ergonomic standing desk is grabbing headlines nowadays. Yes, this is exactly what you think — a table at which you can work while standing. Additionally, most of these desks are height-adjustable, so you can balance sit and stand positions during your working day.

Researchers claim that too much sitting encourages weight gain and faster aging. Investing in a stand-up desk may help you move more often and avoid your muscles being stiff at the end of the day. Apart from that, a standing desk has a spacious design, so you’ll be able to put all the working-related stuff at hand.

3. You deserve a bouquet

plants at desk

Plants are not only about beauty and color, but they’re also deemed as stress reducers. Even a little splash of greenery can improve performance by as much as 15 percent, according to researchers.

To make the flowers work, choose easy-care plants that produce a lot of oxygen and freshen the air. Areca Palm, Crested Chlorophytum, Chinese Evergreens and Boston Fern are well-known for their fascinating oxygen increasing features.

4. Light it up

natural light at desk

The very first rule of creating a comfortable home office is to use as much natural light as possible. Research shows that workers who receive natural light sleep better (46 minutes longer than those who receive no natural light).

It follows that you should think of placing the working area closer to the window. The best position is when the light evenly hits the table and you, getting a view through the window, give your eyes rest. If you’ve got the side window, then it should be on the left if you’re right-handed and on the right if you are left-handed. That’s because you don’t want to create a shadow when writing (for those who write with a pen and not just type on a keyboard).

In addition, don’t forget about the advantages of adding artificial light. If in summer, cold white light is still acceptable, then in fall and winter it’s better to choose warm-color lighting. There’s a huge array of options that may come in handy: ceiling lamps, wall sconces, desk and floor lamps, candles and of course, a fireplace. There’s never too much light!

5. Make a spot for brainstorming

to do list home office fall decor

Need some time to gather your thoughts? Consider all the pros and cons? Make a big decision? Then create a corner where you could do all of these with no distraction from the working atmosphere.

One may be satisfied with a couch and a notebook, while another one would prefer a memory board with chalk or markers. You should have a place to generate, store and record your ideas that will help grow your business.

6. Spice it up with fall scent

fall scent

It’s believed that every home has its own scent. Even if it doesn’t bother the owner, it comes out in itself. Soon after, the smell may end up being not as lovely as it’s desired. Therefore, don’t let this process take its course and start designing your own home office scent deliberately.

Now there are loads of options for freshening up your living area. Scented candles, sticks, dispensers, sachets, flowers — choose the perfect match for your working zone.

If you’re a big fan of coffee, then put a few beans in decorative jars. If you’re keen on lavender, get a spray that will delight you with a trail of your No. 1 scent. And if cinnamon is your favorite, then glue it around a candle. This will give you a stylish home office decor with a stunning fall aroma.

7. Warm it up

blanket with laptop home office fall decor

If you’re missing hot summer days, no worries, you can bring these warm feelings into your home office. Just add more hot drinks, wool blankets, fleece robes and socks to the working session. And consider an electric fireplace, which has been popular so far. It looks classy, its flames are relaxing and it’s safe to use.

Change your home office decor for Fall

Working from home can be tricky, with all the distractions you might face like petting your cat, taking a coffee break, posting a selfie on Facebook. However, if you set up a thoughtful home office with the proper atmosphere, your work will start to skyrocket this fall. Brighten up your working space by following these useful tips to stay productive and high-reaching.

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