In response to the negative letters about carrying guns: With all the violence going on in Portland and Seattle, it’s just too close to home. Black Lives Matter, antifa, whatever you choose to call this terrorist group, it raises horror and encourages violence.

What they are doing to these cities is unforgivable — maybe not always, but why take the chance?

If they want to gather and carry signs, that’s their right. It was great to see the proud Americans in Lewiston having a nice, peaceful enjoyable day exercising their Second Amendment rights carrying a gun. After all, it’s also their right. And those were the guns you saw — remember in Idaho you don’t have to have a concealed weapons permit. Isn’t Idaho great? Isn’t America great?

As our city council prepares to vote on the 2020-21 budget for the city, our leaders would like you to believe their proposed 3 percent (oh, I’m sorry, they dropped it to 2.34 percent) tax hike is actually a tax cut because of increased property values. We call this a bait and switch, ladies and gentlemen.

If your property values went up and you do not sell your home (like right now), you pay more in taxes than you did before. But the majority of the city council argues since the property tax increase is so low, if your home didn’t go up in value, then you will see a decrease in your taxes.

Let us be honest: How many people’s home values did not go up if the average increase was 6 percent? I am going to guess not many, and this is simply trying to justify a tax increase when people are already struggling.

Oh, and let us not forget, the city council also just undid all the savings for citizens they trumpeted at the same meeting by increasing wastewater fees 2 percent and approving a 3 percent increase to sanitation fees.

It sure seems like Councilor John Bradbury is the only one looking out for our bottom lines because at least he is willing to look for cost savings and areas where the budget can be cut.

I wish the rest of the council would as well. Maybe it’s time Lewiston elect some new leadership, hmm?

Source Google News