Boswell, Trail’s landlords discuss strong bleach smell

Boswell, Trail’s landlords discuss strong bleach smell

LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) – The prosecution started the morning by calling Aubrey Trail and Bailey Boswell’s landlords from their apartment in Wilber.

Alan Koll, was the first of the family to testify.

He told the jury he met Trail and Boswell in June of 2017 when the two came to inquire about an apartment.

“They showed up and looked at the apartment, Aubrey did most of the talking,” Koll said. “They indicated they were antique dealers moving a business from Falls City to Lincoln and were looking for somewhere to live closer to Lincoln.”

Koll told the defense that in these conversations Trail didn’t seem controlling.

“He asked Bailey, ‘what do you think, do you want to rent the apartment?’” Koll said.

Koll said Trail was the one who paid the rent. He paid in cash and often paid more than one month at a time.

The landlord’s interactions with Trail and Boswell were brief. Koll said they would say hello occasionally or he would drop off extra vegetables from their garden.

It wasn’t until November 15, 2017 that there was any unusual behavior.

Koll said he received a message from his wife saying when she drove into the garage she could smell a very strong smell of Clorox and it was affecting her asthma.

Jennifer testified following her husband.

She said she’s allergic to bleach so this day sticks out her mind.

“I react very quickly,” Jennifer said. “I throw up, get nauseous, headaches, start breaking out.”

Jennifer said the smell was so strong in the garage and throughout the entire home, she had to open all her windows and doors and step outside to get fresh air.

Because of her allergy, she doesn’t keep bleach in her home and nobody in her family uses it.

“I was looking for the source so I went toward the stairs leading down to the basement and the further I got down the stairs, the stronger the smell,” Jennifer said.

Jennifer’s son, Dayton testified that he lives in a bedroom in the basement that shares two walls with the apartment.

He lived there at the same time Boswell and Trail did, though he said he never interacted with them.

He told the jury he got home around 10:30 on the night of November 15 and stayed awake until 1 or 2 in the morning on the 16th.

He was asked if he noticed anything out of the ordinary.

“I don’t recall hearing any yelling or screaming,” He said. “If I did hear anything it would have been normal conversations. I’ve lived with neighbors my whole life almost so if I heard any normal conversations I’ve learned to tune it out.”

He did say when he went to bed there was a slight bleach smell that got worse the morning of the 16th.

Jennifer also testified that she initially believed she saw Sydney Loofe at her home in Wilber prior to her disappearance, but now she thinks she could have remembered incorrectly.

The defense reminded Koll that in an interview with police she was confident she saw Loofe while mowing her lawn, but the prosecution said at the time Koll said Loofe was there, Loofe is seen working at Menards on security footage.

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