A new book, “Posh Portals: Elegant Entrances and Ingratiating Ingresses to Apartments for the Affluent in New York City” (Abbeville Press) looks at how grand entrances have defined some of New York City’s best known apartment houses.

For each of the five buildings shown below, choose the name and address that you think goes with the building. Addresses you’ve matched will feature a thumbnail of the building on the answer button. (You can match an address to a different building by just clicking that button again under the new building’s photo.) Once you’ve selected a match for all five buildings, a button to “Submit Answers” will appear. Click it, and you’ll see how you did!

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Conceived as the largest apartment complex in New York, with 1,665 units occupied by clerical workers, professionals and executives, alike, this building was given a 75-by-35-foot indoor swimming pool, an acre of gardens and a roof area furnished like the deck of an ocean liner.

Eldorado, 300 Central Park West

Belnord, 225 West 86th Street

Graham Court, 1925 Seventh Avenue

London Terrace, 435 West 23rd Street

740 Park, 740 Park Avenue

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