Catch up on the September edition of Cappy Hour on 97.9 The Hill! On the last Friday of each month, treat yourself to a shot of real estate with Cappy Hagman of Coldwell Banker Howard Perry and Walston.

This month, Cappy talked to Aaron about the dangers and pitfalls of “For Sale by Owner” situations, including the dangers to the buyer the seller. For any homeowners considering selling their house by themselves, Cappy outlines the common mistakes to avoid.

Cappy recalls a specific situation in which she was representing a buyer. While the owner was showing the house, it became immediately clear that they were not familiar with real estate practices specific to North Carolina. “The nature of real estate is so super local that you can be an expert in Virginia, South Carolina, Tennessee—wherever—and come here, and you might as well be on Mars […] it’s just completely different.”

If you decide to sell your house as a “For Sale by Owner,” you’ll probably want to get professional advice on pricing your home, dealing with real estate agents, and filing your paperwork. Cappy describes a seller who was too revealing about his home: “He ran his mouth, he gave too much away, he told us too much about the house…that’s not doing a good job for yourself as a seller.”

Even if you’re not sure what is next for you in terms of buying, selling, or renting, you can still get in touch with Cappy to ask questions. Cappy is ready to go to work for you! Email with questions to be connected with Cappy directly.

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Cappy Hagman is a native North Carolinian and proud graduate of UNC-Chapel Hill.  She has lived most of her adult life in the Triangle and thinks it is just the best place to live!  Cappy has been a licensed Real Estate agent since 2004 and to this day she greets her job with the same excitement and enthusiasm as she did on day one.  Cappy believes her clients deserve the best and that’s what she strives to deliver everyday!

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