Prothonotary report

Prothonotary Kayla M. Semmel released the statistical report of activities for her office for the month of December 2020.

There were 443 cases started in December with the following breakdown: civil actions, 10; custody, 8; DJ appeal, 2; divorce, 9; assessment appeal, 1; license appeal, 3; mortgage foreclosures, 1; protection from abuse, 25; quiet title, 4; declaratory judgment, 1; STIP/WAIV/LIENS,3; judgments, 372; miscellaneous, 2; custody modifications, 7; tax sale, 1; PSFVI, 1; writs, 14.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, passports are now being processed by appointment.

Total income generated was $38,158.24; prothonotary fees, $29,657.90; custody/divorce fees, $1,650; data processing fees, $6,690; interest income, $10.34; PFA surcharge sheriff, $75; PFA surcharge courts, $75; and stenographer fees, 0.

In addition to the above fees, the office remitted to the county for the remote access fund for remote access fees of $1,500, remitted to the state department of revenue (fees collected on new cases) $2,567.87; and automation fund $1,900, money collected for future automation and improvements to the office.

Yearly report

Prothonotary Kayla M. Semmel released the following statement and report of activities for her office for 2020.

Despite the pandemic, the office of the Prothonotary, Kayla M. Semmel remained open through the shutdowns and were inundated with new cases. The office processed just under 6,000 new cases in the year 2020 (see statistical breakdown below) and generated $440,324.96 in various fees (breakdown can be seen below). In addition, the office worked diligently to remit over $22,000 in an escrow backlog and remitted the funds to the appropriate parties, that were in some cases due to them for a decade. Semmel and her staff also took cost saving approaches to not seek an increase in this year’s budget, but rather utilize a portion of those savings to make overdue upgrades to the office which will result in an increase in efficiency at no additional cost to the taxpayers. Semmel looks forward to continuing to analyze the way in which the office can continue to generate the maximum amount of income for the county, while seeking cost-saving approaches for the taxpayers of Carbon County. She states, “My goal as the prothonotary is to find approaches to generate the maximum amount of income for the county and continue to seek out options to save and not generate added costs for the taxpayers, while supporting the constituents and the courts with their day-to-day needs of the office. It has been an honor to serve the past year and I look forward to the next three years in office, where I will continue to seek out ways to make the office more accessible to the public, attorneys and the courts. We (the courts and row officers) have been looking into a new court system and I am excited at the potential of the system and the growth that it will allow our office and county to have as a result.”

Assessment appeal-1, civil action-281, license appeal-43, zoning appeal-5, court rules-4, mortgage foreclosure-51, court appointment-7, custody-164, protection from abuse-376, judgments-4,469, dj appeal-40, name change-5, mental health-7, declaratory judgment-5, quiet title-20, miscellaneous-29, divorce-166, aud/fin/reports-3, paternity-2, ejectment-8, replevin-5, pfsvi-9, em. dom. dec/taking-1, tax sale-7, stip/waiv liens-64, writ of execution/writs-36, modification of custody-127.

Due to COVID-19, 215 passports/renewals were processed in 2020. The office is accepting new passport applications by appointment. Please call 570-325-2481 to schedule an appointment.

Financial report for 2020 Prothonotary Fees-$340,704.26, custody/divorce fees-$24,680.70, data processing fees-$56,911.14, interest income-$37.87, pfa surcharge sheriff-$857.70, pfa surcharge courts-$753.60, stenographer fees-$7,403.50.

In addition to the above fees: Remitted to the County for the Remote Access Fund for Remote Access Fees: $29,300 Remitted to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Department of Revenue (fees collected on new cases): $41,444.75 Automation Fund (Money collected on new cases for future automation and improvements to the office): $15,884.83.

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