An annual report summarizing outstanding tax liens on properties in the city shows a total of just over $3.69-million is still owed in taxes.

The report says 1,320 tax liens were placed in 2020 on properties with taxes in arrears. The properties include everything from residential to commercial, retail and office, industrial and condos.

One commercial property listed in the report has a tax lien with arrears of $76,269. A single-family detached residential property is in arrears $25,108.

“The City has made considerable effort to contact the assessed owners of the various properties to obtain payment or to negotiate reasonable payment schedules. However, as of the date of this report, the City has not received payment and the property tax arrears are still outstanding,” said a report from city administration.

The report says the properties are now going through the first set of tax enforcement proceedings, which involves notification to each registered owner and other individuals with an interest in the property title, that they have six months to dispute the city’s claim of taxes owing.

The report is on the agenda for the next city council meeting on Monday.

Source Google News