CLARKSBURG, W.Va. (WV News) — Members of the Clarksburg Water Board approved Arbitrage Group Inc. and Bennett & Dobbins CPAs as the firms to provide escrow verification and CPA certificate in connection with refunding of the city’s outstanding water revenue bonds, Series 2014A.

Fees for Arbitrage Group, Inc. and Bennett & Dobbins will be $1,500 and $2,000, respectively, according to General Manager Dick Welch.

President Al Cox said this is something that relates to the bond refinancing that will result in savings.

Also at Tuesday’s meeting:

— After discussion with Tom Aman, bond council, the board approved leaving funds currently on deposit with the bond commission relative to the 2013 bonds, which were paid off last year, where they are as a capitol escrow account.

— Board members approved adopting the proposed Anti-Violence Policy as an addendum in the Employee Handbook.

“This policy is necessary to update our existing policy and will be made an addendum to our Employee Handbook,” Welch said. 

Tim Stranko, counsel, added “the board’s intent is to provide a safe workplace for its employees.” 

— Welch brought up a trending national story, a cybersecurity attack on a water treatment plant in Tampa, Florida, where a hacker gained remote access to the plant’s control system trying to add more sodium hydroxide to the water in an attempt to make it toxic. 

“The incident was detected by the operator and water quality was never adversely impacted,” he said. 

Welch said he wants customers to know that cybersecurity is important to the Clarksburg facility and part of the America’s Water Infrastructure Act of 2018, which requires community based water systems serving a population of 3,300 or more to asses cybersecurity threats as part of risk management, something that has already been done.

“We upgraded our water treatment plant’s control system last year and took additional steps to separate and secure our system,” he said.

Source Google News