Need another reason not to post pics of your kid on social media? A Florida mother was horrified to find out a sick pervert had used an image of her 8-year-old daughter to create a child sex doll that is sold on Amazon.

The mother, Terri (no last name given), found out mid-August from a friend via Facebook Messenger that the sick doll looked eerily like her daughter Kat, a child model and pageant contestant who suffers from CVID, Common Variable Immune Deficiency.

The doll was almost a direct replica of a photo Terri had posted in a Facebook group where she shares updates on Kat’s illness and pageant successes.

“I read the message from my friend and saw the image, and I instantly started to cry uncontrollably,” Terri told the Child Rescue Coalition. “I was completely overwhelmed with a mix of emotions that I’ve never felt before. The image of the doll looked very similar to a photo I’ve taken of my daughter. This image had the same socks as my daughter and the same pose as my daughter on our sofa at home. She had that same sweatshirt and facial features as that image, even the same stuffed animal!”

A shocked and disgusted Terri continued: “I couldn’t imagine that some sicko would use my daughter’s photo to create something so ugly and evil to be used for abuse by pedophiles.”

To make matters worse, the doll was being sold on Amazon — a company Terri uses.

“I was in shock that Amazon would sell an inappropriate child sex doll on their website, I mean, we use this website to help with Kat’s community service projects. I asked myself how can this be legal in the United States?”

Source Google News