Declutter and decorate

Decluttering is one of the most important steps when getting ready to sell, according to Elaine.

She said: “Buyers are often expected to see past clutter, but this can drastically slow down the selling process and decrease the property’s value.

“By presenting the house as uncared for, potential buyers will quickly assume that it is not well-maintained, which will be reflected in any offers received.”

Engage all of your senses when thinking about what needs to be fixed, as unsavoury smells are a huge repellent for potential buyers.

Elaine said: “Cigarette smoke, damp or pet odours can all have a huge impact on the success of the sale.”

Once the home is cleared of clutter, it’s time to consider whether or not your home would benefit from some redecoration.

Elaine said: “If the property hasn’t been redecorated in the last five years, chances are that it could do with a fresh layer of paint.

“A common misconception is that decorating is a waste of time because the vendor will re-do the paintwork to their taste once they move in.

“However, by repainting your walls in tonal, neutral colours, you can easily freshen up the look of the property and save the buyer the painstaking job of repainting when they move in, adding value to the home and making it a more attractive option.”

Don’t go too overboard with dramatic feature walls and bright colours as these are often dependent on personal taste and can put buyers off, Elaine said.

If the house looks dull in all neutral tones, add a splash of colour through accessories in a matching accent colour.

Source Google News