IN THE IOWA DISTRICT COURT FOR DUBUQUE COUNTY CITY OF DUBUQUE, IOWA, Petitioner, vs. MARIE M. SCHROEDER (DECEASED), JENNIE ARLETTA BURNS, KAREN L. STORLIE, DENNIS R. BURNS, JOSEPH K. BURNS, VERA A. VERTANAN (DECEASED), JOHN W. SCHROEDER, ROBERT B. SCHROEDER, ESTATE OF RICHARD B. SCHROEDER CLIFTON P. SCHROEDER, FRANZ MICHAEL SCHROEDER, MONA A. UDELHOFEN, JOAN L. UDELHOFEN, HOLY GHOST CATHOLIC CHURCH, MARMION ABBEY, CO-WORKERS OF THE SISTER OF MOTHER THERESA OF CALCUTTA IN AMERICA, INC., DIVINE WORD COLLEGE, DUBUQUE RESCUE MISSION, ESTATE OF ROBERT B. SCHROEDER, DUBUQUE COUNTY, IOWA, Respondents. Case No. 01311EQCV111499 PETITION COMES NOW the Petitioner, City of Dubuque, Iowa, and states to the Court as follows: 1. That the City of Dubuque is a municipality located in Dubuque County, Iowa. 2. That the property which is the subject matter of this suit is 1450 Iowa Street, Dubuque, Iowa, and legally described as: Middle 1/5 of Out Lot 455 and the North 23 inches of the South Middle 1/5 of Out Lot 455, in the City of Dubuque, Iowa, according to the United States Commissioners Plat thereof. 3. That there is situated upon this property, a building which is abandoned, vacant, and dilapidated within the meaning of Iowa Code Section 657A.10B(3). 4. That the following Respondents have an interest in the property as deed holders: a. Marie M. Schroeder, b. Jennie Arletta Burns, c. Karen L. Storlie, d. Dennis R. Burns, e. Joseph K. Burns, f. Vera A. Vertanan, g. John W. Schroeder, h. Robert B. Schroeder, i. Clifton P. Schroeder, j. Franz Michael Schroeder, k. Mona A. Udelhofen, l. Joan L. Udelhofen, m. Estate of Richard B. Schroeder, n. Holy Ghost Catholic Church, o. Marmion Abbey, p. Co-Workers of the Sister Of Mother Theresa Of Calcutta In America, Inc., q. Divine Word College, and r. Dubuque Rescue Mission. 5. That the Respondent, Estate of Robert B. Schroeder, may have an interest in this property regarding Case No. ESPR050957 as the estate was specifically listed in the lien search obtained by Petitioner. 6. That the Respondent, Dubuque County, Iowa, may have an interest in this property due to delinquent pro-perty taxes and/or assessments against the property. 7. The Petitioner herein, City of Dubuque, has documentation that supports its statement that the build-ing situated on the property has been abandoned and sufficient evidence to support the considerations required by Ch. 657A.10B and/or evidence that all the parties with an interest in the property did not make a good faith effort to comply with an order of the local housing official within sixty (60) days after the filing of this Petition. WHEREFORE, Petitioner prays that: 1. Upon hearing, the Court determine that the property is abandoned within the meaning of Iowa Code Section 657A.10B; 2. That the Court enter judgment against the Respondents pursuant to §657A.10B of the Iowa Code award-ing the title to the property to the City of Dubuque, Iowa, free and clear of any claims, liens, or encumbrances held by the Respondents; and 3. For such other and further relief as the Court deems just and equitable. CITY OF DUBUQUE, IOWA By: Crenna Brumwell City Attorney Suite 330, Harbor View Place 300 Main Street Dubuque, IA 52001-6944 (563) 589-4381 3t 5/22, 29, 5/6

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