Tribune chose divisiveness

The Lewiston Tribune told us recently that guest commentary writers Rick Rogers and Jeff Sayre would be replaced by Richard Eggleston, Bob Hassoldt and David Prager.

Knowing their right-wing backgrounds from previous writings, I was very concerned the paper was not uniting us as a community or seeking that Kampala approach they told us they desired.

However, I waited to see if perhaps they and the Tribune would try to bring our community together.

Sure enough, the Tribune has shown they “shot themselves in the foot,” as my grandpa would say.

Eggleston’s column starts with thanking “Butch, Nathan and Marty for the opportunity to express views that a great percentage of the Lewiston Tribune’s readership probably believe.”

So clearly he is speaking for one side of readership, a supposed “great percentage” and what they “probably believe?”

I then read your other new opinion writer, Prager. He is a conservative talk show host, who started his column with: “Let us begin with this fact: The left always suppresses speech.”

Nope, not bringing us together there either.

The Tribune just hired three right-wing columnists at a time when we need and desire unity, not division.

As the saying goes, “You get what you pay for.”

Clearly, paying the Lewiston Tribune for right-wing columnists is not what I see as bringing our community together and certainly no longer worth the price of the paper or the desire to read it.

It’s no secret the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we do business. No business is exempt, including the various county assessors’ auto license bureaus. Many have closed down or are working by appointment only. Couple that with a challenging new computer program from the Idaho Transportation Department, and we find our workload has intensified greatly during the last three months.

The Nez Perce County auto license bureau is one of the few that has remained open to walk-in customers. As a result, we have been inundated with renewals, phone calls and title work from many of those counties. Further, we are experiencing a nearly unending line of customers daily.

Title work that was previously accomplished between customers has suffered. Credit unions, banks and dealerships are understandably anxious and wanting their liens perfected. Overtime hours and Wednesday closures to the public have not been sufficient to address the backlog.

We find ourselves in a place like never before, and we need to solve the problem.

Therefore, we will close our doors to walk-in customers for three days on Feb. 9, 10 and 11.

This will allow the seven employees the time needed to complete the titling requirement.

As a reminder, you may renew your tags either online or by mail. I truly appreciate your patience, both in the past and future, and understanding while waiting in line to be served.

We’ll get through this.

Nez Perce County Assessor

In a sea of turmoil, this area is an island of goodness and decency. We’re thankful for many things. We raised six kids here. They received a quality public education, which prepared them well for higher education and many of life’s challenges.

We give our sincere thanks to wonderful, dedicated teachers who do their very best to teach and influence our future generations.

In our community, crime, drugs, and outrageous and disrespectful behavior get a cold shoulder. The world around us would have us believe that in order to be moral or civil, we need to be tolerant and accepting of these issues. Not so.

Our wonderful, dedicated law enforcement officers put their lives on the line so we can live and sleep peacefully.

Our community is strongly influenced by hard work and conservative family values. Farmers, loggers, mill workers and hunters are all around us — good people who are busy putting food on the table and don’t have time to complain about their personal privileges being violated.

Our families hold fast to respect for decency, for honoring the God who created us, for teaching children to be good citizens by looking out for others instead of always looking in.

We have lived here now for more than 23 years, having made the decision that this was the right place to raise our family.

The blessings we have here will continue for generations to come if we hold on to the wonderful values that permeate this area.

As per his recent letters to the editor, it’s obvious that Rick Rogers is still munching on sour grapes about having to give up his commentary column. It is annoying to hear his and others’ repeated bashing of the Alfords. His comment that Lewiston Tribune Editor and Publisher Nathan Alford is “removed from the real world and doesn’t know it” is such a crock.

The Tribune is a liberal-leaning paper. So what?

Should all newspapers espouse only the conservative point of view like talk radio does? No.

In the last year, Nathan Alford and his team have bent over backwards to appease conservatives, including their political cartoons and commentaries, even to the point of adding Dennis Praeger, of all people, to their Sunday opinion section.

Note to Nathan and team: Don’t allow conservatives to change the Lewiston Tribune any more than you already have.

The old paradox “If I told you I was a liar would you believe me?” creates a conundrum in which no answer is satisfactory and logic shreds itself. It is the same conundrum our society now faces, thanks to ex-President Donald Trump and those who have drunk his Kool-Aid.

In the aftermath of the march on the Capitol and Trump’s departure from Washington, D.C., it is disheartening to see so many Trump flags still flying because it means logic has lost its battle with conspiracies in the minds of the flag wavers. …

This mindless loyalty to a liar might seem like the harmless thinking of sore losers, but when it becomes the mindset lawmakers, as it has in Idaho, then democracy is in danger. …

How can we function when truth becomes a choice and people believe only what they want to believe? …

Here in Idaho, where too many Trump flags still fly, ideology threatens even more than our democracy. It threatens our health and our lives when a sizeable contingency of lawmakers ignores the deaths of more than 400,000 Americans, continues to challenge safety restrictions and treat the pandemic as a hyperbolic media creation. …

This is a hangover from the big Trump lies spreading like a disease against logic. When I see his flag, I do not see patriotism but rather an assault on logic and truth. It is disturbing — and illogical — to see it flying, as it too often does, next to our country’s flag.

Vote no on any resolutions or bills that terminate the current state of emergency. To do so would give up tens of millions of federal funds that are helping with testing, vaccines, and COVID-19 relief payments. Local cities and counties can not absorb this cost.

Vote no on any resolutions or bills that limit the governor’s ability to declare a state of emergency. He needs to be able to act swiftly, follow the advice of experts and coordinate a statewide plan that is in the interest of all of the citizens, not just the loudest ones. Ignoring the current recommendations is going to sink the local economy even more, not save it.

Gov. Brad Little has done an outstanding job of navigating the minefield that is COVID-19. It’s OK to be mad about the situation. But be mad at the virus, not at the governor.

Idaho is doing better than almost every other state in dealing with this situation. We are protecting our population as best we can. We have not over-run our health care system, and the economic health of the state government is strong.

COVID-19 heroes are everywhere. The Retired Educators of North Central Idaho would like to honor and congratulate current educators specifically on their ability to adapt to our new learning world.

Every staff member, bus driver, administrator, aide and teacher has had to throw out Lesson Plan A for an alternative plan B, C, D or E to educate, even when youth smiles and fears hide behind masks.

Educators still have the responsibility to inspire new dreams and build new leaders.

Luckily, each educator has been trained to remain steady at the helm when someone needs help. We wanted to drop off cookies or other goodies to remind you that your retired colleagues value you and what you do for our next generations. COVID-19 rules have kept us home with our cookies.

Until we can share post-COVID-19 cookies, mask up, stay safe and know you are the best for some student every day.

Pat Hoch and Dennis Ohrtman

Idaho Gov. Brad Little’s Salmon Recovery Workgroup was tasked with recommending policies that could “restore abundant, sustainable and well distributed populations of salmon in Idaho.”

The governor stated he would not support breaching the lower Snake River dams, but instead wanted to “breach the status quo.” Unfortunately, the most central features of that status quo are the four lower Snake River dams.

At some point, the task force’s name changed to the Salmon (Recovery) Workgroup, acknowledging that the report’s recommendations, if adopted, will not recover Idaho’s threatened and endangered salmon and steelhead and will fall far short of the governor’s aspirational outcome.

Richard Scully served on the workgroup and has written his perspective on the Idaho Salmon Recovery Work Group. Scully spent 25 years as a fishery research biologist and fishery manager for the Idaho Department of Fish and Game. He currently serves on the Pacific Fishery Management Council’s Salmon Advisory Subpanel.

You can find Scully’s insider perspective on the efforts of the Idaho Salmon Workgroup at

Scully’s succinct three-page document is essential reading for anyone interested in seeing the Snake River Basin’s rivers and streams once again filled with salmon and steelhead.

I’ve read several letters criticizing your paying unqualified and vastly inaccurate people to write opinion columns.

I agree and I blame you more than I do the writers.

You have to hold them to some legitimate standards of truth. …

The latest article by Richard Eggleston was laughable. I don’t know where to start.

Perhaps on a statement supposedly said by the editor of New England Journal of Medicine that at least 50 percent of submitted articles are fraudulent.

There was no citation, no backup.

Fraudulent? Not faulty logic. Not lack of convincing evidence. Not evidence that statistical studies had flaws, etc., but actually fraudulent.

So at least 50 percent of M.D.s and Ph.D.’s who write articles are committing fraud.

Then he explains why he can be believed — because he is educated and has two medical degrees.

So it’s a flip of the coin if he is a fraud or not.

Regarding antifa generating the riot at the Capitol: Newsweek, Fact Check and others have debunked that claim. The FBI has arrested more than 100 people and no antifa members.

His low fat claim that the AMA and the government diets took the good fats out of food and substituted high fructose corn syrup is ridiculous. Every government guideline recommends about 30 percent of diets should be fats, with monounsaturated and polyunsaturated the preferred fats.

As far as sugar is concerned, everyone from Weightwatchers to government diet guidelines … recommends reducing added sugar.

Why print obvious false articles?

I want to take this opportunity to applaud the successful efforts of a fellow teammate, Matt Baney, of your newspaper.

What did he accomplish to rate this applause, you might ask?

Just this: He responded to a request of a retired Marine to make available upon his demise the Marine’s, not Baney’s choice of branch of service flag in full color to accompany a military veteran’s obituary.

As you know, the Trib (we regular readers are permitted to use that shorter title ) for a number of years, has published, upon request, the flag of our great United States of America, along with that veteran’s obituary.

Now, thanks to the action of Baney and until policies change, a military veteran or his (her) survivor(s) can choose, in lieu of Old Glory, the flag of the “Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, and, yes, the Marine Corps” (Quote from a recent Trib news clip).

Try as I might, Mr. Editor, I could not give this letter a political slant. I hope you will print it anyway.

I am retired and so far I have not lost any of my income. But I can’t help myself from thinking: What if my income were drastically or completely cut off when we were raising five children?

I weep over what Gov. Jay Inslee is doing to our state by shutting so many businesses down. Why are most all Republican-run states open and thriving?

We gave more than 80 percent of our first stimulus checks away to help others out in a tiny way. I feel like it was drop in the ocean.

Two weeks ago, I called the governor’s office and requested that he show the citizens who have had their businesses closed that he cares what they are going through and refuse to take his salary. I never heard back.

There is no reason that he allows many business to thrive and while he shuts down others.

On another front, I go to Safeway, Rite Aid, Dairy Queen, Walmart, the doctor’s office and other places. And I see those wonderful workers doing what some teachers are refusing to do, even though they are getting paid, by not wanting to go back to work.

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