MILLBURN, NJ — Millburn residents have been invited to take part in Livingston Township’s COVID/vaccine information forum at 7 p.m. Thursday, during which medical professionals will disseminate the most up-to-date information available.

Questions will be taken by Saint Barnabas Medical Center infectious disease chief Dr. Lincoln Miller, Essex County lead health officer Maya Lordo, and other officials in medicine and government.

Livingston Mayor Shawn Klein has invited Millburn Residents to participate by viewing the forum on the Livingston Township FB page. The livestream forum can be viewed at

Questions leading up to the forum and during can be submitted at Viewers will also be able to ask questions on the FB livestream.

Right now, people in priority phase 1A may get the vaccine: Essential health care workers and their staffs, staffs of mortuaries and labs, and residents and staffs of nursing homes. People over 75 and other essential workers may be included in the next phase, 2B.

However, Gov. Phil Murphy indicated Wednesday that some essential workers in phase 2B, like police and firefighters, were eligible as of Thursday.

A fact sheet released by Maplewood Township last week noted that 650,000 people are eligible for the current phase, 1A, so it may take time to fully transition to 1B.

The state, not individual counties and towns, decides when to go to the next phase.

Murphy reportedly said Tuesday that he’d like to start vaccinating the general public by Memorial Day.

If you are interested in receiving a Covid-19 vaccine at the vaccination center you must make an appointment. To make an appointment visit or call 973-877-8456. Since the vaccine is administered in two doses, you will be scheduled for two appointments to receive each dose.

A statewide site has also been set up, but was overloaded Tuesday with requests.
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Death tolls nationwide and in Millburn

The state is currently in the second wave of the virus.

As of Sunday morning, 372,000 Americans had died of the virus. (You can see which states had the highest death toll in the past week on this CDC map.)

New Jersey had its highest new case total ever from this past Wednesday to Thursday, and a daily death toll of 123 people. More than 17,000 across the state have passed away from the virus.

This was the first time New Jersey topped 100 fatalities for three days in a row, since May.

Gov. Phil Murphy said 3,488 people are hospitalized with the virus statewide, 668 on ICU, 469 on ventilators.

The governor also said 459 coronavirus patients were admitted to hospitals and 449 discharged.

As of the weekend, Millburn, with a population of 20,080, has seen 462 cases of the virus and seven deaths. A week earlier, the case total was 424 with the same death toll.

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