Berlin (dpa) – Chancellor Helge Braun (CDU) has confirmed his willingness to relax the new corona restrictions which came into effect on Monday after around four weeks.

“Our stated goal is that we want to end the measures with this rigor at the end of November,” Braun said Monday morning on RBB Inforadio. It is also about enabling the German economy to manage Christmas affairs and the population to celebrate Christmas with their families. Strict measures should be discussed again in two weeks and, if necessary, adjusted.

A four-week partial lockdown began across Germany this week in an effort to slow the spread of the corona virus. Across the country, for example, restaurants, cultural and leisure establishments should close as much as possible. Stricter rules also apply to personal meetings: in most federal states, only two households are allowed to meet – in some cases this even applies to meetings in private rooms.

“As long as the numbers don’t come down, there will always be restrictions,” Vice-Chancellor Olaf Scholz told RTL / ntv “early start”. Since you don’t know where the infection is taking place, the drastic approach is correct. Scholz also spoke of the need to prepare for a new normal. “This will be the case this year and also next,” said Scholz.

The leader of the Union faction in the Bundestag, Ralph Brinkhaus (CDU), assumes in his own words that the new rules will be legally valid. They are necessary and proportionate, he told Bavaria 2 radio station. Germany has no lockdown – the economy is open in essential areas, schools and nurseries remain open. In addition, unlike many other countries, there is no curfew in Germany.

Source Google News