Amy Jo Johnson, New Lexington, to Elijah Lee Self, New Lexington.

Mark Joel Foucht, Thornville, to Helen Suzzanne Habel, Thornville.

Thomas Paul Willison, Crooksville, to Michelle Ann Garey, New Lexington.

Jayde Mackenzie Bobb, Roseville, to Sean Michelle Hardesty, Roseville.

Marilyn Scott, Junction City, attorney: Valerie K. Wiggins.

Ronnie Jo Dilley, Crooksville.

Michael Scott Harris, New Lexington, attorney: John A. Wells, Esq.

Clyde Aldridge, Somerset.

Glenna J. Sole, New Lexington, attorney: Cindy M. O’Neil, Esq.

Judge Cooperrider presided over one guardianship hearing for person and estate of an individual in the probate court and two appointment hearings for estates without wills.

During the month of November, the following cases were filed in probate court, under the direction of Judge Luann Cooperrider: 15 estates, one guardianship, one trust and two adoptions. There were nine marriage licenses issued with Judge Cooperrider performing two wedding ceremonies.

Source Google News