ABILENE, Texas (KRBC/KTAB) – Perry Covington Housing Navigator with Abilene Hope Haven said they started a 100-day challenge last year to bring that hope back to those forced to live in their homeless camps.   

“And the idea was to house 15 people during those 100 days,” he said. “We beat that and if I remember correctly, we were more like 19 people.”   

He said since then, the list of those living in these camps has been the smallest in a long time, but he says, he expects a rise in homelessness in the horizon.   

“End of July, landlords can start moving on evections that have been on hold for some time because the government said they couldn’t,” he said.   

Usually dealing with chronic homelessness, those who have been on the street for a year or longer.  

“We may have to shift more to helping those who just became homeless, especially families to stop from having kids out on the street,” he said.    

He said they’re going to have to partner with some other organizations to get ahead of the curb, they can’t do it alone.   

“Hopefully by doing that, if we step up ahead of the game, train the people to be ready for this we won’t have the bloom into encampments, and we won’t have near the problem we could have,” he said.   

 With already a wait of five weeks to get an appointment at Abilene Hope Haven, Perry said don’t wait till you have no other opens, plan ahead now before it’s too late.   

Source Google News