RTL Today – Housing: Overview of loan and interest rates

RTL Today – Housing: Overview of loan and interest rates

The Central Bank of Luxembourg has recently revealed the current levels of interest rates for real-estate loans.

In April this year, the Central Bank found a slight rebound of fixed and variable rates in comparison to the previous month.

Average variable interest rates accorded for the purchase of real estate thus stabilised at 1.35%. Despite falling to 1.30% in March, the rate thus returned to the same levels of the previous two months.

Average fixed rates were reported to be at 1.31% in April. A slight increase compared to the estimated 1.25% in February, and 1.21% in December 2020.

The evaluations of the Central Bank thus show that aside from minor monthly fluctuations, the rates remain more or less stable over long-term periods, with a clear downward tendency that has been going on for several years.

Finally, the average rate for consumer credits between one and five years have been estimated to be 2.14%.

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