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       Non- Attorney Trust Preparation Services at affordable cost!

                                 Complete Package – $995

Flat rate – all inclusive – Living Trust, Will, Durable Power of Attorney, Advance Health Care Directives, Burial Instructions, Deed Transfers, All Notary, Printing, Binding, & Delivery included.

                                  3 day 100% refund guarantee!

                                     www.TheLivingTrustCo.com                                                                       424-279-3719 or 949-394-4011

Some benefits of living trusts may include:

  • Avoid Probate, minimize taxes, protect yourself and your family.
  • Make sure medical directives, & power of attorney are up to date.
  • Blended Families – What happens if your spouse get remarried, will your kids get their share? Who will decide?
  • Disabled loved ones? You may cut off their Fed/State benefits with inheritance!
  • Minor Children? Who will be their guardian? What if the guardians get divorced or one of THEM passes away?
  • Divorced? Trusts can keep assets out of Community Property. Trust may act as Prenup!
  • Elderly Parents? Ready for a couple of years of court and figuring it all out by yourself, or paying a lawyer on top of court fees?
  • Care Givers? Probate after all the years of care do you really want to go through probate too? Do you want to take a chance on getting conservatorship when signing a power of attorney NOW can avoid that with one signature?
  • Diagnosed with a serious illness? Don’t you want to keep control of what happens to you?

COVID19 has shown us that it does not matter how old you are, it is simply responsible to plan ahead, be protected, and SMART to do it in the most cost effective and least cumbersome way!

                      Complete Package – Flat Rate $995


                         424-279-3719 or 949-394-4011

The Living Trust Co/Celebrate Lyfe are not attorneys. We only provide self-help services at your specific direction. 

LDA# 2017150384 Los Angeles County. Exp: June 9, 2021

For further information and details about LDA and the ability to legally do this service for you, please visit the California Association of LDA website:


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