There’s nothing like enjoying the outdoors, albeit from the comfort of home. With a sunroom, that setup could be yours. But is a sunroom a good investment? Let’s explore.

What is a sunroom?

A sunroom gives you a view of the outdoors without exposing you to the elements. Typically, a sunroom is completely surrounded by glass, mesh screens, or windows you can open and close to enjoy the breeze (or keep it away). Some sunrooms don’t have air conditioning or heat while others, known as four-season sunrooms, typically do, making them more comfortable during winter or summer.

How much does a sunroom cost?

The amount you’ll spend to put in a sunroom will depend on a number of factors:

  • The size of the room.
  • The materials you use.
  • Whether you’re looking at a four-season sunroom needing heating and cooling.
  • Whether you’ll be hiring contractors or doing the work yourself.

The average cost of a sunroom can range from $20,000 all the way up to $75,000, according to Or, to put it another way, expect to spend anywhere from $50 to $200 per square foot.

Keep in mind that you may need to obtain a permit to put in a sunroom. That’s a small expense to account for as well.

Is a sunroom a good investment?

Though putting in a sunroom will add to your home’s value, don’t expect to recoup your entire investment. reports that you should see a 50% return on the money you put into your project. When you consider that many renovations don’t recoup 100% of their cost, that’s not a bad return. However, if your goal is to improve your home’s value, a sunroom may not be the way to go, as you can find other projects that offer a higher return on investment.

That said, you may want to put in a sunroom so you can enjoy that space while you’re living in your home. With a sunroom, you can breathe in fresh air without having to worry about insects swarming around. And when the weather’s cold and you’re stuck indoors, you may feel less stir-crazy when you sit in your sunroom.

That said, one thing you should know about sunrooms is that they can be tricky to heat and cool, since heat can escape through windows and cold air can seep in from the outside. On the other hand, the right windows could eliminate that concern.

Ultimately, a sunroom can make your home a more pleasant place to live. If you tend to spend a lot of time at home, you may find that a sunroom is worth putting in, even if you don’t get all of your money back when you go to sell your home.

Source Google News