CHICAGO – When a Chicago woman didn’t have any money and needed an attorney, she turned to a non-profit group that wants you to know your rights for evictions during the pandemic.

Sheyssa Rosado received an eviction notice in August stating she was trespassing and squatting in an apartment in the 2900 block of West Diversey Avenue. She had been living there for eight months.

Rosado had been paying rent to a man named Michael Barz. Barz is a contractor hired to work on the apartment for the buildings owner, Chicago entrepreneur, Carmen Rossi.

Rossi’s lawyer said he knew nothing about what was going on.

Rosado didn’t know what to do as she was put in touch with a lawyers committee for betting housing.

Attorney Jonathon Raffensperber said even though there’s a moratorium on evictions, owners and landlords still try to push them through the court.

“We were able to represent her in that case and get it dismissed,” Raffensperber said.

Raffensperber said what landlords are doing manly affects low-income residents, undocumented people and people of color. So even if it’s a verbal agreement, keep track of payment receipts, put the utilities in your name so you leave a paper trail.

“That didn’t feel good,” said Rosado. “I feel like I was going to be displaced.”

Michael Barz has not replied to our efforts to reach out to him at this time.

For more information on your rights, click here.

Source Google News