L2449 IN THE PROBATE COURT OF HOUSTON COUNTY, ALABAMA CASE NO. 2020-533 IN RE: THE ESTATE OF JOYCE K. HORNSBY, DECEASED NOTICE OF PETITION FOR SUMMARY DISTRIBUTION A Petition has been filed in the Office of the Judge of Probate for Summary Distribution of the Estate of JOYCE K. HORNSBY, deceased, by Deborah H. Rainey, Bobby J. Hornsby, Jr. and Roger B. Hornsby, pursuant to Ala. Code § 43-2-692. Notice is hereby given to all persons or entities having claims against said estate that an Order of Summary Distribution may be entered by the Court after thirty days from the date of this publication of notice. All persons having claims against said estate are hereby required to present the same within the time allowed by law or the same will be barred DONE this 14th day of January, 2021 /s/Patrick H. Davenport, Judge of Probate

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