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Most cats are perfect companions for apartment living. They sleep an average of 15 hours a day and can easily be left alone with food, water and a litter box. However, your indoor kitty does need some form of activity each day to keep them entertained. If left alone for too many hours, your cat may misbehave by scratching furniture, chewing on plants or engaging in some other unwanted behavior.

It’s a good idea to buy some cat toys to keep your feline friend entertained and well adjusted. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to set up a pet-friendly apartment.

Cat behavior experts suggest that a playful cat is confident, affectionate and alert. Besides providing an outlet for physical energy, playing with your cat for just 20 minutes a day can reduce stress and help you bond with one another. In general, movement stimulates cats and they like to chase things. Here’s a selection of some of the best cat toys for your apartment.

Cat tree with toy

cat tree

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Every cat needs a scratching post to stretch and scratch on daily. This sturdy cat tree gives your cat a cozy spot to call its own. It comes fully assembled and has quality materials like solid wood posts, thick household-grade carpet and sisal rope. It includes a hanging ball to play with. Place it next to a window, and your cat will love to nap here while soaking up the sun.

Catnip cat toys

catnip toys

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Catnip is a perennial herb that stimulates special receptors in cats giving them a sense of euphoria or overwhelming happiness. Inexpensive catnip cat toys provide hours of playtime. These lightweight stuffed toys are chemical and pesticide-free and the perfect unobtrusive cat toy for your apartment. Take these catnip toys out anytime your pet needs a boost of energy, and you’ll quickly find her chewing, batting and running around.

Tower tracks cat toy

tower tracks

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This interactive toy encourages your kitty to play with spinning balls on a track. It’s self-contained so she’ll never lose the balls. It’s great for single or multiple-cats. You’ll love watching your cat bat at the balls as they spin round and round. The tower tracks cat toy has non-skid pads so it won’t move as your kitty plays.

Laser exerciser cat toy

laser cat toy

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This is an inexpensive and fun toy for both you and your cat. Light and movement intrigue cats. Turn the lights out and point the laser at the floor or wall, and your cat is sure to chase the image and attempt to capture it. The LED light is safe for use indoors or outdoors. Playing together also helps strengthen the bond between you and your cat.

Ambush interactive electronic cat toy

ambush interactive cat toy

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This compact interactive electronic toy brings out the hunting instinct in your cat and offers the perfect way to stimulate her in a small space. A colorful feather randomly pops out from one of the six holes, using LED color lighting and motion. Your cat will pounce and paw at the feather in try to catch it. The anti-skid feet keeps the toy from moving throughout the game. When your cat wins the battle, the feather is easy to remove and replace.

Bird teaser with feathers

bird teaser cat toy

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Wave the feather teaser around and the colorful feathers and sudden movement will entice your bored kitty to jump and play. By stimulating her natural curiosity, it’s the perfect way to give your cat the daily exercise she needs. This colorful bird teaser has catnip to make playtime even more enticing, stimulating your cat’s natural hunting instincts.

Play mouse cat toy

play mouse cat toy

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This 10-pack of fuzzy play mice provides hours of feline fun. Drive your cat wild with the sights, sounds and feels they love. Toss them to get your kitty to chase them around your apartment.

They’re great for a single kitty or multi-cat households, too. They’re inexpensive and the perfect cat toy to have on hand whenever your cat seems to be bored.

Jingle bells cat holiday collar with bells

jingle bells cat collar

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Get in the holiday spirit with this festive holiday collar. Your kitty will be adorable thanks to the jingly bells and classic holiday colors. The collar can be worn on top of your everyday collar for short durations and is perfect for holiday pictures.

Walking Santa cat costume

walking santa cat costume

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Have some holiday fun with your kitty and dress her up in a Santa suit. The two-piece design is super cute and includes a body piece and separate headpiece with elastic ear and chinstraps, along with a hook-and-loop fastener at the neck. Adjust it for a comfortable fit and let your furry friend spread cheer during the holiday season.

Enjoy play time with your cat

No matter what type of activities you decide to do with your kitty, they’ll get bored with the same toys after a while. Try to provide your fur baby with the best cat toys and rotate them every few days. Old toys can become new again if you put them away for a little while!

Playing with your cat is fun and will help you transform your home into the purr-fect home.

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