Many reasons could compel you to sell your house and want the transaction completed as quickly as possible. Relocation, divorce, a death in the family, or a financial emergency are only four examples of what might lead to this scenario.

However, being in a rush to sell your house does not mean that you have to settle for far less than it is worth. Using the right strategy, you can still get a reasonable sale price on your home. Here are some ideas:

Contact the top real estate agent in town

A quick online search will reveal which real estate agents are active in your area, how many houses they sell, and reviews from previous clients. This information will determine which one is most likely to get the job done and sell your home speedily.

However, do not mistake the size of an organization for quality of service. Several smaller, local estate agents offer better value for money, have local contacts, and understand the area’s property market on a micro-focused level.

Since you will be paying a percentage of your house’s sale price to the estate agent, you are entitled to demand efficient service. Many people complain that real estate agents list their properties and do little else. Make it clear from the beginning that you expect the estate agent to market your property actively.

Sell to a home buying company

When you use a wholesale home buying company, there is little if any involvement from financial institutions. Banks tend to slow the process down with paperwork and verifications for mortgage applications and financing. Therefore, if you are selling your house through an agent and someone makes an offer, you need to wait for their lender to approve a mortgage.

At, the company buys your home for cash, which makes the sale move quickly. This is ideal for homeowners in a hurry to sell their properties. While you might not get as much for your house as you could if you put it on the market, you will get a fair offer, and the difference will be a small price to pay to get your home sold.

Lower your asking price

For those who opted to go the conventional home sales route, this process might seem to stall after listing your property. People will and look, but no firm offers follow. This can be very frustrating for sellers who are in a hurry to sell but remain at the mercy of a slow market.

To reignite this process, lowering your house’s sale price is a potential solution. The size of your price decrease depends on how low you are prepared to go, which is often a product of several factors, including how much of a hurry you are in and how much money you need to settle your mortgage or buy another property.

Think strategically

To make a quick house sale, timing is crucial. Success is more likely if you sell during the summer months when your lawns are green and sunlight filters through the windows.

During winter’s long months, drab gardens or thick layers of snow do not hold the same appeal. If it is possible to wait, get your home on the market in spring.

This is also a time when more people will be looking to buy a property so that their move coincides with the new school year. With more buyers looking for houses, you should get a reasonable price for your home.

Keep your home in tiptop condition inside and out. An attractive garden, well-maintained exterior, and neatly-arranged interior will persuade buyers to make an offer.

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