Not only is the festive season a chance to wind down and spend time with your loved ones, it’s also time to plan what is in store for the year to come, which might even include looking to sell your home or simply giving it a much-needed facelift.

Therefore, it might be a wise time to get your property in tip-top shape. Not only will you boost its selling potential for when you do decide to sell, it might also increase the value of your home.

The good news is you don’t need to spend a lot of money to make a big impact. You may just need to do some painting, pruning or cleaning to give your home a refreshed look. However, be prepared to spend extra money on things like worn out gutters and cracked roof tiles, as easily visible evidence of worn out or damaged structural items could reduce the price you could get.

A good first impression will go a long way in generating interest in your property, so be sure to tackle the outside first. Repair, clean and repaint your front fence if it’s looking worse for wear and replace your letterbox if it’s seen better days.

Similarly, the entrance to your home can easily be made over by painting the front door, cleaning the windows and sills, and something as simple as replacing your doormat with a new one. If you have a porch or verandah, consider adding some outdoor furniture to add some life to the space.

Front garden or courtyard areas should be well maintained. This might be as simple as pruning overgrown trees and shrubs but it’s also worth assessing the removal of larger trees if they’re interfering with your home’s appearance, or if root systems are causing problems with foundations or plumbing. It’s not necessary to redo the entire garden, as you don’t know what the buyer has in store, so keeping it neat and tidy will suffice.

Finally, a feature that can often get overlooked is the driveway, so be sure to repair any large cracks or potholes. The same goes for paths that lead up to or around the side of your home. Keep these areas clear of leaves and clutter for a tidier appearance.

Internally, the areas that usually get the best return on investment are painting, new carpet or floor coverings and potentially kitchen and bathroom renovations.

If you are unsure about what features could help boost your property when selling, make sure to reach out to a REIWA real estate agent for more information.

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