Kentucky’s search for a new offensive coordinator search feels like it’s dragging to a crescendo. The most prolific and extensive UK coaching search in years, this event reminds me of a familiar feeling I only recently experienced as an adult.

Since candidates surfaced late last week, each day has been a roller coaster of emotions. In the morning I think one person will get the job. That changes in the afternoon and into the evening. Once piece of news feels like it will be the guy at the Rams, then it’s a different Rams assistant who’s actually considering the job. Something new pops up that could put Brohm in Lexington, or actually that might mean Mooorhead is the most likely option? Is this news meaningful, or is it a smoke screen? Uncertainty abounds.

The only comparable sensation is the feeling you experience after placing a bid on a house. At first your realtor shares that the seller likes your price, but are you willing to cover closing costs? You give in, then find out there’s another potential buyer. A bidding war ensues, all playing out over 48 hours of restlessness where any phone call can dramatically change your future. Eventually you reach the point where you don’t care, you just want the issue to be resolved one way or the other.

Will Kentucky finally accept a bid or will the search continue for a few more days? Today should be the final day of the bidding war between Stoops and multiple play-calling candidates. The wait is the hardest part.

Cal Talks Shop on Call-In Show 

If you thought the Terrence Clarke experiment at point guard was only temporary, think again. John Calipari liked what he saw from Clarke against Notre Dame, even though he led the team in turnovers with four.

“Right now he’s one of the best players, so why not have the ball in his hands? Now, he’s got to respect that,” Calipari said during his call-in radio show Monday evening. “He’s got to come to jump stops, he can’t leave his feet. You can’t be lackadaisical at all, you have to respect the fact that you’re going to have the ball 70% of the time.”

Coach Cal is not giving up on this team. In fact, he made a call back to Aaron Harrison’s infamous quote to invoke some emotions from an incredible, arguably the most incredible, Kentucky basketball story.

“I’ve got to stay focused on making this one of the most rewarding years I’ve had. I want this to be a story they’re talking about for 10 years, BUT they’ve got to buy in and fight. The other team is not going to give you stuff because it’s a chance to beat Kentucky.”

L. Young Kilt a Buck 

And boy, was it a big buck. The senior Kentucky offensive tackle took advantage of the final days of muzzleloader seasons to bring home this bad boy.


You can look at the deer a few more times and it’s still striking just how big that beast is. Hat’s off to Landon. My goodness.

Is Auburn really gonna hire Kevin Steele? 

That would be a disaster. He’s been a fine defensive coordinator on The Plains, but did people really forget that he was 9-36 in four years at Baylor, the only time he’s ever been a head coach. At least one SEC school made the right hire. Vanderbilt did not try and get cute, choosing former Commodore player and current Notre Dame defensive coordinator Clark Lea as their next head coach.

More CFB Games Canceled 

More good news for Vanderbilt — they don’t have to play Georgia! The game has been declared a no contest by the SEC after more positive COVID-19 tests in Nashville. The Old Oaken Bucket will not be played for this year either. Purdue and Indiana tried to reschedule the rivalry, but this morning they mutually agreed it can’t be safely done in 2020.

Mulder a Warrior? 

Former Wildcat Mychal Mulder is reportedly the most likely candidate to fill the Golden State Warriors’ 15th and final roster spot before the regular season begins on Christmas Day. Who saw that coming?

“Barring something crazy, I’d be surprised if Mike wasn’t with us into the regular season,” a team source told the San Francisco Chronicle. “Steve [Kerr] has really taken a liking to him, and it’s not hard to see why. He might be our second-best (available) shooter behind Steph [Curry].”

Buffalo Chicken Slider Day at KSBar 

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Signing Day is Less than 24 Hours Away 

Today you’ll hear from a couple more players in the upcoming class before they sign on the dotted line. Stay tuned.

Source Google News