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A big factor influencing the overall amount of your home loan is the interest rate. One of the cheapest loans available is a home loan, and generally, it is the only method through which a person can purchase a property. A home loan is referred to as a ‘healthy’ loan as it allows you to purchase a financial asset that can be valued for the long term. If you intend on staying in it, it makes appropriate to purchase a home. That’s why one must purchase a ready-to-move-in property, apart from the essence that many housing projects in India appear to be postponed by many years.

All listed commercial banks (except regional rural banks), local area banks and small finance banks have been directed by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) to tie the interest rates of all retail loans, including home loans, issued by them, to an external benchmark in effect from 1 October 2019. Most commercial banks have preferred for the RBI repo rate as the external benchmark under which all floating rate loans are related, in compliance with this guideline. Below are the lowest interest rates currently provided by certain leading banks of India.

Top Banks Providing The Lowest Interest Rates On Home Loan

The Cheapest Home Loan Interest Rates For Salaried Professionals

Banks RLLR Minimum ROI in % Maximum ROI in %
Union Bank of India 6.80 6.70 7.15
Kotak Mahindra Bank 6.75 6.75 8.35
Bank of Baroda 6.85 6.85 8.20
Bank of India 6.85 6.85 7.15
Central Bank of India 6.85 6.85 7.30
Axis Bank 6.90 6.90 8.40
Bank of Maharashtra 6.90 6.90 8.35
Canara Bank 6.90 6.90 8.85
ICICI Bank 6.95 6.90 7.95
IDBI Bank 6.90 6.90 7.00

The Cheapest Home Loan Interest Rates For Self-Employed Professionals

Banks RLLR Minimum ROI in % Maximum ROI in %
Union Bank of India 6.80 6.85 7.15
Kotak Mahindra Bank 6.75 6.85 8.45
Bank Of Baroda 6.85 6.85 8.20
Bank Of India 6.85 6.85 7.75
Central Bank Of India 6.85 6.85 7.30
IDBI Bank 6.90 6.90 7.00
Canara Bank 6.90 6.95 8.90
Axis Bank 6.90 7.00 8.55
IDFC First Bank 7.00 7.00 8.00
ICICI Bank 6.95 7.05 8.05

Tips to get a home loan at the lowest interest rates

At the lowest level, there is no fixed method for using a housing loan. There are, though, a few exercises that can help you make use of the lowest possible home loan rate, and they are:

  • A measure of your credit quality is your credit score. Banks now use it directly to set home loan interest rates over and above the external benchmark rate, as per RBI guidelines. Since a strong credit score represents responsible credit attitude, applicants with a lower credit score can pay higher interest on their home loans, and vice versa. And, customers can receive lower rates with a minimum credit score of 900.
  • If you jointly apply for a home loan with your spouse and make her the primary applicant for your home loan, you will get the cheapest housing loan rate. Many banks provide women with interest rate waiver home loans at an interest rate that is less than 0.5 per cent of the general interest rate on a home loan. A joint home loan will also increase the eligibility for the home loan, as well as tax benefits on a home loan.
  • If your existing bank or financial company is offering a higher rate of interest, you might also apply for a home loan balance transfer. You can transfer to a different bank which provides a cheaper rate. But until taking this step, remember the overall cost of loan transfer.
  • Another aspect that determines your home loan rate is the loan amount. The related credit risk also rises for lenders, as the home loan amount increases. Lenders impose a higher interest rate to handle the elevated uncertainties. Customers attempting to use a home loan at the lowest available interest rate should then aim to borrow less by paying more towards the down payment.


There are numerous other fees and charges, in addition to the home loan interest rate and loan size, that brings up the total value of your home loan, such as processing fees, CERSAI fees and prepayment fees. True knowledge and caring about these additional charges is crucial so that you can recognise which home loan is going to be the best deal for you. Some banks and financial institutions will have the same home loan rate but different related fees and costs, which may increase or decrease your loan strain based on the value. Identifying home loan costs and charges also lets better manage the reimbursement.

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