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In the midst of all this chaos and disruption, why not learn how to take control of an extremely important part of our lives…a part that is all too often overlooked?

Join us for a FREE webinar –watch from the comfort of your own home—and see how you can control:

– Who will be able to immediately take over the payment of your bills and other financial responsibilities, without interference by a probate court, if you suddenly become ill and are hospitalized;
– Who will make medical decisions for you if you are unable to speak or write;
– Who will be in charge of carrying out your wishes when you pass away;
– Protecting the inheritance you leave to your spouse and children from creditors, predators, lawsuits and divorces;
– Who will be in charge of your funeral, burial or cremation and make certain your wishes are honored;
– Whether you need a will or trust? Discover the advantages and disadvantages of both;
– How the new SECURE Act has impacted inherited IRAs and the best strategies to minimize taxes to your heirs;
– All about probate and what steps can you take now to help your family avoid this expensive and time consuming legal process;
-Learn how to help your heirs minimize or even avoid “death” taxes after your passing.

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