Los Angeles is a diverse city with countless unique places to live, and while there are many neighborhoods to choose from Palms is a great option.

Founded in late 1886 and originally named “The Palms” for the imported palm trees, Palms is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Los Angeles. Most of the residents of Palms, Los Angeles are young singles and families looking to put down roots.

That being said, Palms has something to offer for everyone looking to find their L.A. home. The neighborhood offers its residents great dining options, unique attractions, parks and so much more.

Where is Palms?

Palms, Los Angeles, is a densely populated neighborhood with a current population of 42,545. It’s located on the Westside of L.A. and other popular neighborhoods surround it making it a central location for many people to live.

Palms is just north of Culver City and to the south of Cheviot Hills, Beverlywood and Rancho Park. To the east, you’ll find Mid City, and to the west is Mar Vista and Venice.

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What’s it like to live in Palms, Los Angeles?

The neighborhood of Palms, Los Angeles, is a great area to reside in. The area was founded in 1886 by entrepreneurs and families looking to start a new life in the sunny state of California. These residents brought in 5,000 palm trees to line the street, thus giving the neighborhood its name. Today, Palms is just as exciting with great dining, education and so much more.


Are you a millennial? Then Palms is the place for you. Recently voted as one of the best places for millennials by Culture Trip, Palm has an average age range of 19 to 35 years old and is primarily for singles or small families. While the majority of residents are younger, there are all different age groups residing in Palms.

Palms is a diverse neighborhood with all different walks of life living there. Around 45 percent of residents have a four-year degree or higher according to the Los Angeles Times and make an annual income of around $50,684 a year.


The neighborhood has an abundance of schools, including private, language immersion schools, charter and public elementary, middle and high schools. Some of these schools include Canfield Avenue Elementary School, Clover Avenue Elementary School and Marvista Elementary School to name a few. The neighborhood is also a go-to place to live for UCLA students as Palms is close to campus.

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Palms has an endless supply of entertainment for its residents from dining to nightlife and everything in between — there’s never a dull moment here. There are many popular dining areas in the neighborhood, such as The Irish Times Pub & Restaurant, Lobster & Beer and The Doughroom, known for its pizza, craft beer and use of local ingredients. While there aren’t many fancy restaurants in the neighborhood, there are several options in the surrounding neighborhoods like Culver City.

Check out the Rancho Park Branch library and spend the day reading. Palms is also full of outdoor activities, with countless parks and weekend farmer’s markets where you can get local products and fresh produce. If you’re looking for an educational day, check out the Museum of Jurassic Technology. At night, check out The Velvet Lounge or Boardwalk 11 for a night of karaoke. Palms is also the home of L.A.’s “Little Brazil,” where you can enjoy an abundance of authentic restaurants and street food.


Surprise, surprise, Palms is no exception to the traffic of Los Angeles, and similar to most neighborhoods, driving is the preferred method of transportation. The average commute time is 30 minutes and with many people driving, parking is difficult in this neighborhood. The neighborhood is near both major freeways and is in a central location to other main areas. Palms is also a very walk- and bike-friendly neighborhood, according to Walk Score. It’s the 10th most walkable neighborhood in Los Angeles.


While there’s crime in every neighborhood, Palms is a relatively safe area for L.A. There is an average of 2.2 crimes in Palms per every 10,000 people. According to the L.A. Times crime map, most of the crimes committed in this neighborhood are property and vehicle theft.

Finding an apartment in Palms

Palms, Los Angeles, is one of the oldest and most diverse neighborhoods in the city. With its close proximity to other popular cities and its unique traits, many young people seek out Palms as their new home. The cost of living in Palms is 46 percent higher than the national average, with an average rent in Palms $2,456 a month for a one-bedroom apartment.

If you think Palms is for you, check out these apartments and start your new life in Palms, Los Angeles.

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